Win Your Ex Back After A Breakup Without Playing Mind Games

Published: 12th September 2009
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When you've been dumped, there are many ideas concerning winning your ex back. Many of them involve playing mind games with your ex. But, once you screw with his or her mind trying to win him or her back, you're on shaky ground for sustaining the relationship once things are reconciled. This article is the no-games way to win your ex back.

When you were together, he or she might text or call you a dozen times a day. Now your phone is silent. It's up to you to maintain communication but you shouldn't overdo it. Calling your ex weekly or so just to "keep in touch" keeps the door open for a reconciliation without making them feel smothered or pressured.

To this end, make a point to call on important days such as birthdays,etc. Sending a card or a small gift can be a nice touch in trying to win your ex back.

Keep in touch by email. If there is a joke your ex might enjoy send it with a nice (short) note. In addition, you could start an email list where you send out information, jokes, or personal updates to friends and make sure your ex is on the list.

If you are serious about winning your ex back don't even THINK about dating someone else. This flies in the face of some dating advice that says you should date around to make your ex jealous. Playing games like this won't serve you well if you do get back together. The fact that you were dating around will always be in the back of your ex's mind.

Don't be jealous if your ex dates others. They called it off, remember, so they not cheating. Instead of being jealous, look at the type of person your ex is dating. This will give you an idea of the type of person they are looking for. Try to develop those traits in yourself but BE REAL! If your ex perceives this as just a ploy to get them back your chances are shot.

Hold your own cards close to your chest. Your ex now holds power over you because they are the one who left. If you wear your heart on your sleeve you are giving your ex a lot more power over you. You will not only come across as being needy but will also make yourself look weak, giving your ex the impression that you are clay to be molded and toyed with in any way they want. Odds are that if you do this your ex won't think you're worth having back.

The bottom line is that you can try to get your ex back by playing games or you can try to figure out what went wrong with your relationship and try to fix the problems that caused the breakup. If you do win your ex back, following the first approach will almost certainly result in another breakup because the issues that caused the breakup in the first place have not been resolved. If you win your ex back by following the second approach, your relationship will have a strong foundation and will most likely succeed.

Of course, there is much more involved in winning your ex back than this. To learn the rest of what you need to know, check out thyis wonderful book "The Magic of Making Up" or visit this site I wish you all the best in winning your ex back.

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